Raising a Family in America’s Newest Adventure Capital

Recently National Geographic published an article about Dayton titled, Visit America’s newest adventure capital, From Rust Belt to running trails: Dayton, Ohio’s 16,000 acres of parkland have revitalized the city. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/travel/destinations/north-america/united-states/ohio/dayton-rust-belt-revitalization-new-mecca-urban-parks/?fbclid=IwAR1xt1dxs3ZI0m_B_5EElaLuTK9d_jQjlsLomta5zBVcGPgO_1vYasrJHTU#close

Embracing Outdoor Adventures Together

Many parents in the Miami Valley have chosen to settle here and raise a family with intention. Perhaps due to good schools, the cost of living, family oriented communities and a lack of traffic. Here in the heart of America traditional sports rule.  Friday night football games followed by Saturday at the soccer field…or softball, cross country, tennis, basketball, lacrosse, crew, etc. There is no shortage of sport teams for kids to participate. However, these activities tend to leave parents and siblings on the sidelines. Outdoor recreation or adventure is something the whole family can actively participate in together, and is often free.

Exploring the Miami Valley’s Outdoor Assets

The Miami Valley is home to the country’s longest paved bike trail network (340 miles). Regardless if you are pushing a baby jogger or trying to keep up with kids on bikes, these paths are free to use and offer endless hours of fitness opportunities and nature exploration. The trails also connect parks and municipalities. Whether you are looking to pack up bikes and camp along The Little Miami River or simply eat ice cream in Miamisburg your family is sure to have a good time. 

If getting off the paved trails is something your family seeks there are over 16,000 acres of parklands to explore in Five Rivers MetroParks alone. (Named for the 5 rivers that flow through Dayton and all offer recreational opportunities) Throw in the State Parks found within our communities and the opportunities for hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, fishing, mountain biking, paddling, nature exploration and trail running abound. Now that summer is behind us it is time to get out and enjoy autumns fresh crisp air and natures glory. 

If you need inspiration, or if you are already an adventure enthusiast you won’t want to miss the region’s largest outdoor adventure event of the year.  The Wagner Subaru Outdoor Experience is a free event at Eastwood MetroPark October 5th & 6th. Families can try paddling, mountain biking, slacklining, rock climbing, fishing, the Youth Adventure Zone, and more while also watching professional kayakers surfing the waves and turning ticks on the Mad River, slackliners on the trickline and the BMX pump show. With programs from Hike it Baby, Learning Tree Farm, the Girl Scouts and Dayton Library the kids are sure to have a good time. https://outdoorx.metroparks.org/

For a complete list of outdoor adventure opportunities and resources for the Miami Valley visit; http://outdoordayton.com/  and add adventure to the long list of reasons why you are raising a family in the Miami Valley!